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About Us

Giving Tefillin to those who never received

The Tefillin Project gives free pairs of Tefillin to Jews who never received a pair of their own. If the recipient did not have a Bar Mitzvah, we plan one for him, as well.  Not only do we give out free pairs of Tefillin, we also plan a big event for the giveaway, which is usually a total surprise to the recipient. We want to create an incredibly special moment that the recipient will remember for the rest of his life. In addition, we also want to lift up the community in which the recipient lives. We try to involve the community in the planning and invite them to attend. We believe in creating a positive culture around the Mitzvah of Tefillin and helping Jews get excited about strapping up! 


Our Story

While working on NCSY Kollel, our founder, Jacob, noticed that some of the public school participants did not own a pair of Tefillin, and desperately wanted their own. Jacob managed to obtain 15 pairs of Tefillin owned previously by students that unfortunately left them at their high school when they graduated. After getting them checked by a Sofer, 9 of the pairs were Kosher. Over the next three summers, on various programs, Jacob orchestrated unique Hanachas Tefillin surprises for many Jewish high school and college students from secular backgrounds. After running out of pairs, he organized a triple Hachnasas Tefillin for students in the beginner Ohr Somayach track between the ages of 20-25.  With no funding, and a lot of Hashgacha Pratis, three pairs of Tefillin were secured in a short amount of time, and three Jewish young men celebrated receiving their first pairs of Tefillin. After that experience it became clear that it was time to start a project to get as many deserving Jews a free pair of Tefillin as possible. The Initial funding came from Yavneh on Campus. The Tefillin Project  won 1st place in a competition Yavneh runs called Shtark Tank. 5 pairs of Tefillin were bought, swag was designed, and the project has been growing ever since. 

Meet the Team

Meet The Team

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Naomi Fishman

Bar Mitzvah Project Coordinator/ Director of Swag

Jack Margolius

Co-Director of Giveaways

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Evan Hershman

Website Manager

Jared Stern

Hype Man

Danny Carr

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Founder & Executive Director

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Blank person.webp

Co-Director of Giveaways

Jacob Bach

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Gabe Hafter

Video Editor

Dovi Lederer

Director of Deep Tefillin Torah's

Jacob Kazinec

Social Media Manager

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Yitzy Abramchik

Director of Content

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Eliot Thorne

SE Regional Coordinator

Our Tefillin

are of the highest quality. The Sofrim who we obtain our pairs from are all well respected and reputable Sofrim. The Battim are Gassos, thick-skin leather, which will last a lifetime. The square is perfect and made by hand. The straps are black on both sides, as prescribed by the Ramban.

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