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Adopt a Tefillin Buddy - Bar Mitzvah Project

What better way to enter into the world of Mitzvos than to lift up another Jew and bring him with you for the journey. Here is the sign up form to make the Tefillin Project YOUR Bar Mitzvah Project. 

Thank you for giving the gift of a life time to another Jew who did not receive their own pair of Tefillin. 


How it works:

  • You will set out to raise a minimum of $1200 (We will set you up with your own Donation page)

  • Once you commit to raising this amount we will find a suitable candidate and share the story behind your new Tefillin Buddy 

  • You will receive special Tefillin Project swag

  • We will invite you and your family to join the Giveaway celebration

  • Option to invite your Tefillin Buddy to your Bar Mitzvah Celebration 

  • Impact the life of another Jew!

Mazal Tov!

Thanks for submitting!

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